3 ways to make better video slideshows

Do you want to create an amazing slideshow? You know, one that your friends will actually want to watch. Great photos are key. These three tips will help transform your next video slideshow from ordinary to extraordinary. With our video slideshow maker you can create stunning videos without learning complicated programs, spending a lot of time or hiring a professional.

Tip #1- Use Great Photos

The quality of your video slideshow depends on the quality of your photos. Use great photos, the very best you have. You don’t have to use digital pictures. Printed photos that have been scanned work well too. In general photos that look great printed will also look great scanned. Look for photos that have correct lighting, good framing and that are developed properly.

Tip #2- Take Lots of Photos

To ensure a good supply of muvee-worthy photos, take lots. The more photos you take, the more options you have when it comes time to put your slideshow together. You don’t have to use every photo you take. Choose the best ones and get rid of the excess.

Tip #3- Landscape Photos Show Better than Portrait

When taking photos to use in a muvee, take landscape portraits. These are the ones where the photo is wider than it is tall. Landscape photos will look better in your completed video slideshow than portrait photos (taller than it is wide) because they utilize the whole screen.

Great photo slideshows are born in the quality of the photos you use. These tips will help ensure that your slideshow looks great.

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