Style by Style - a guide to muvee Styles

We all take a lot of photos and videos when on vacation or even hanging out on the weekend with our kids, but when it comes time to actually make video come alive, well, editing can be tough work.

Of course, readers of this blog will already know all about how muvee can automatically create a great slideshow – the program just seems to know what combination of photos is going to work best, and in what order, and as an added bonus, sets the whole thing to music.

However, as more advanced users of muvee can tell you, you’re missing out if you’re not using muvee Styles. It’s like magic – ¬†muvee Styles turns your photos and video clips into engaging movies that your friends and family are actually going to want to watch and share with others.

muvee Styles makes videos using our patented (and cooly-named) “Artistic Intelligence engine” which is hand-tuned to use the right mix of effects, transitions, background treatments and even fonts to help you make anything from rockstar music videos to romantic wedding slideshows.

Each stylePack contains three Styles sold together as add-ons to increase the creative possibilities of all muvee video products,  and is all about helping our users create fantastic and impressive slideshows from photos, videos and music in a few steps Рadd titles, credits, captions and voiceovers to tell my stories in a better way. The many Styles with their different animations, effects and transitions, together with their personalization capabilities, combined with the possibility of creating my your very own custom Styles, makes a great tool for hobbyists, or people just wanting to make sure their relatives and family

Nevin challenges you to make video slideshows using muvee Styles.

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