Use a video slideshow maker to turn vacation photos into muvees

Looking for ideas on how to use muvee’s photo slideshow maker? It’s that time of year when family gathers together for the holidays – or perhaps the family goes to a beautiful warm and destination to escape the winter blues.

Either way, during the next couple of weeks you’ll be snapping a lot of pictures; why not make a photo slideshow?

It’s really easy to create a slideshow using muvee.

First, just select your photos – and drop them into muvee. It’s even possible to drag and drop your photo into the interface.

Next, select a style. Each of muvee’s 10 styles has unique effects, animations, and transitions to to really make your video come alive.

Finally, choose the soundtrack whether it be a song or a few fav songs. Then play and save! If you really want to go all out, muvee Reveal Express even comes complete with professional effects, transitions, great looking titles, credits, and captions. It’s also easy to upload your videos to YouTube to share with friends.

Here’s an example of a video made with muvee’s photo slideshow maker:

muvee’s styles take care of putting in the professional effects, transitions, text animations and all the fine subtle editing techniques that film experts use.

We’ve worked hard to make muvee Reveal Express much easier to work with than other video editing programs, has more Styles and the finished production is superior – especially when using this photo slideshow maker.

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