Not everyone feels confident shooting home movies, but it’s always fun to bring vacation snapshots to life by using photo slideshow software.

Of course, thanks to YouTube and powerful smartphones, we’re all trained now to watch videos, and nothing but, so if you can’t get your head around taking videos, or maybe think your camera setup isn’t quite up to snuff, it might be difficult to attract the attention of friends and families with a link to a set of photos on Facebook.

Never fear, muvee Reveal X can provide you with the tools to

There a couple of rules to follow when creating photo slideshows (and try to think about this when you are taking vacation snaps). First, try to vary the kinds of photos you include in your slideshow. Try to have scenic shots, closeup shots, and vary the kinds of photos you’re taking of your kids. Closeups of smiling faces are great, as are action shots, or shots of your kids framed with the (hopefully) gorgeous scenery of your vacation destination.

As well, pay attention to the actual size of the photos you’re loading into your photo slideshow software – you want to make sure your audience can actually see the photos, and you also want to make sure the photos will fit the screen. The standardized format for either standard or widescreen includes a frame size of 720 x 480 pixels. So, you do not want your source photos to exceed 1000 x 750 pixels.

Of course, you can leave it all to muvee Reveal X to take care – just make sure your photos are large enough so that your intended audience can see all the details.

To get more of an idea of how our muvee Maniacs are using Reveal X, here’s an example of a Hawaii vacation video created with muvee photo slideshow software.

If you really want to create an amazing slideshow, check out muvee’s photoFabulous stylePack. For example, here’s an example of the Postcard Style for muvee Reveal X:

If this doesn’t suit your fancy, there are other stylePack options to bring your slideshow to life.

We think muvee Reveal X is probably the best photo slideshow software on the market today.

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