Use video slideshow software to create a highlight reel of your kids

Labour Day is just around the corner, which means it’s Back to School time! The summer flies by so fast, doesn’t it? And the kids grow up so soon too.

What better way to preserve the memories than to by creating a video slideshow of your kids as they grow up through the years. It’s great for some cool surprises and if you choose just the right (that is: embarrassing) photos, you may have the leverage you need to keep the stircrazy kids quiet until the start of school.

Or, if you have less of a Machiavellian approach to child-rearing, you can fight off the summer boredom blues by enlisting your kids to help you create a slideshow. It can take a long time to scroll through all those photo folders, but kids seem to like it.

So think of creating a video slideshow as an awesome summer afternoon activity that at least keeps them, if not outdoors, away from the television.

Here is an awesome tutorial minisite we create that is all about how to make home movies.

Here’s a video that muvee maniac Nevin Thompson (that’s me!) created using muvee Reveal X:

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