Using a Photo Slideshow Maker to capture back to school memories.

Summer’s over which means heading back to teachers, books and homework once again. Going back to school might not be the highlight of your kiddos life (or yours if you are taking classes), but it can make for a great photo slideshow. So turn on that photo slideshow maker and start preserving memories.

Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered. Here are some step by step tips for creating back to school muvees of your own in just minutes. Before you start, check out this back to school photo montage for some inspiration.

Grab Your Photos

We’ve all got an endless collection of back to school photos gathering dust and taking up room on our hard drives. You know the ones with the kids by the door holding their back packs. Grab these back to school gems and any other photos you want to include and you’re ready to get to work.

Let Our Automatic Editing Features Take Control

Once your photos are in, we take care of the rest. Our award-winning automatic editing features will find and highlight faces making your photos more interesting and appealing. Once you choose your music, we’ll figure out how to sync your photos to the beat and style of the music you choose.

Add Some Tunes

Without music a photo slideshow is about as interesting as looking through Aunt Mavis’ old photo albums. Pick some killer music to add emotion and intrigue to your slideshow. We have handpicked music that coordinates perfectly with each of our 5 included styles or if you prefer you can pick your own from your iTunes library. What type of music fits your back to school experience- a dark, somber tune of dread or a happy, excited beat?

Check It Out

Muvee’s Reveal Express makes creating back to school photo slideshows much easier than homework, especially math. You just choose a style and our software will add in transitions, professional effects and more. Now you’re ready to check out your slideshow and share it with the world, or at least your favorite classmates.

Heading back to school doesn’t mean you are too busy to make great muvees. Our photo slideshow maker makes it easy to create stunning slideshows whether you need to share back to school shots or a wedding video montage.

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