Video slideshow ideas for summer

Now that summer is almost here (it is a little chilly in some parts, but summer is coming!), here are some ideas for awesome summer video slideshows.

Father’s Day

Father’s Day is probably the “Hallmark holiday” that’s represents summer. Dads all over the world like summer things like barbequeing, jumping in the pool, or playing a game – any game – outside.

Take some photos of Father’s Day and create a video slideshow.

Fourth of July

July Fourth has an unlimited amount of opportunities for creating a video slideshow. Once again: barbequing with friends and family. Fireworks! Crowds! It’s a great chance to make a video slideshow to share.

Camping trips

There are parents who love camping, and parents who hate, but the kids always have a good time, and probably never notice the dirt, lumpy ground and half-cooked food over the campfire. For parents, time erases all wounds, so if you don’t really like camping, take photos anyway and create a video slideshow – looking back one day you might actually enjoy it!

Summer birthdays

Summer is possibly the best time of year to have a birthday. The weather is warm, the food is fantastic (watermelon! corn on the cob! hamburgers, once again, barbeque!), and there are plenty of things for kids to do.

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