Do you have a GoPro camera? How do you like to use it? Some stunning videos produced on these tiny, versatile cameras are sweeping the web. The key to a good GoPro video (as you’ll see) is a lot of editing. You’ll end up with a lot of raw footage; scaling it down to a minute or two with video editing software is essential to create a video people will want to enjoy.

Check out a few our favorite GoPro videos from around the web.

See the World from a Homeless Perspective

It’s easy to judge the homeless or to look away when we see them on the streets. The Homeless GoPro project is looking to remove that divide. They’ve provided some of San Francisco’s homeless with donated GoPro cameras to capture their world and share. The project is still in its infancy, but I’m excited to see the videos (and hopefully positive change) that come from during the coming months.

Capture Your Best

Do you have a special talent? Use your GoPro camera to capture it. This Venice Beach juggler did just that, with impressive results. The unique perspective afforded by a GoPro camera showcases juggling in a whole new light. This technique would work well to showcase a variety of different skills from dancing to swimming to painting and more. Capture what you do best; we’d love to see it!

Go Pro- Super Hero Style

If Superman were to wear a GoPro camera, what type of footage would he create? This clever video has the answers. Watch as this beloved hero zips through the air, fights villains, and rescues damsels in distress.

Hopefully these stunning videos have inspired you to create some of your own. With GoPro you don’t need to do anything special to create an amazing video. Just capture your life and use muvee Reveal to pull out the highlights and share with the world.

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