Creating GoPro video clips with video cutter software

Taking that great GoPro video footage and transforming it into usable clips might seem like a challenge, but don’t worry. Turbo Video Cutter from muvee makes it easy. In just a few minutes you can create and share clips using this dynamic video cutter software. And if you’re looking to create an awesome, professional quality video, muvee Reveal Xis ready to help you turn those clips into something special. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to cut down GoPro video footage into usable clips with Turbo Video Cutter.

Load to Turbo Video Cutter

Get out and have some, but make sure you capture great video footage while you’re at it. GoPro cameras make it easy to capture all your action in HD, making for great video clips. Once you have your footage simply load it into Turbo Video Cutter either by clicking on “load video” or by dragging and dropping the file into the program.


Now you can preview your footage or simply start cutting. Move the trim handles along the video timeline to select a segment of the video. The selected portion will become your video clip.

Create a Clip

Click “create clip” to add the clip to your clip-stack. When you create clips with Turbo Video Cutter you are creating a new clip each and every time, not cutting into the original footage. This allows you to trim the same video multiple times and multiple ways while still retaining the original. You have the freedom to create as many clips as you would like and to use one original video across multiple projects.

Upload for Use

Now that you have a clip you can decide how to use it. Turbo Video Cutter allows you to automatically upload to Facebook, YouTube or muvee Cloud. If you want to transform your clips into an awesome video use muvee Reveal X.

Create an Awesome Video

Clips are great, but a professional quality video is better. Add your clips to muvee Reveal X to add music, captions, transitions and more quickly and easily.

Now you know how to easily use Turbo Video Cutter to create video clips. It’s a quick and easy way to share your story however you choose.

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