We thought there was no one better to profile for our 10 year anniversary edition than the 2 people that were there on day one: co-founders Pete Kellock and Terence Swee. If you think you’re an avid muvee-maker, you should meet these two! We asked them the same questions and you wouldn’t believe how similar their answers were. They are both so passionate about muvee that we cut their responses down or this post would take up the whole newsletter!

Terence, climbing guide, and Pete. Top of Mt Rinjani

What is your favorite muvee memory from the past 10 years?

Terence: In the first days of going live with selling the first version of the muvee autoProducer 1.0 software, sales were just trickling and we knew every customer by name! One of the first customers was a lady called Hope F. from Hawaii. She wrote to us a few months later and said: “in your website it said the software was so easy to use, even a grandma can do it. You are right. I am a grandma and I love using your software!”

In the 10 years since, I have negotiated and closed big deals with Sony, Nikon, HTC and LG to bundle our software in the millions of devices, but that one single email from an early user is, for me, the most important. It meant that we made a difference, and we have achieved what we set out to do: to enable the average consumer who has no less precious stories and memories to share than any other person on the street, to put their photos and videos together to tell THEIR story.

Note: Pete said the day muvee closed the Nokia deal was one of his most memorable too.

Where do you see muvee 10 years from now?

Pete: Basically the same vision we’ve had since Day One: muvee’s products and services

Co-founder Pete Kellock

being used by lots of people to get much more enjoyment out of their photos and video. We’ve gone a long way towards cracking this problem and given a lot of fun to millions of users. But there’s plenty more we can do to make our stuff even better, and we’re still only reaching a tiny percentage of the people who would enjoy using it.

Note: Terence said practically the same thing 🙂

What product are you most proud of?

Terence: The latest muvee Reveal X is certainly our crowning glory. Cutting across to a brand new technology platform 4years ago was a risky move, and indeed, the first product using that platform was not our best. With Reveal X, we were able to take a step back and re-understand our users again. To figure out what exactly is it that they want to achieve, and fulfill that need.

Note: Pete also said muvee Reveal X and added: “ I’m equally proud of the very first product we released back in 2001: muvee autoProducer 1.0. It was completely revolutionary: arguably the first automatic video editing product in the world, and certainly the first designed for non-professionals. And it was gloriously simple and intuitive.”

What’s your favorite muvee feature?

Terence:It has to be magicSpot. I still remember how Pete labored endlessly at reducing and simplifying the user interface incessantly, almost fanatically and almost driving the GUI engineer to tears working and reworking the GUI code. We ended up with just two simple boxes. We are able to give users endless control over how their photos will appear in the muvee: panning from anywhere to anywhere, zooming in /out, zoom while panning, or a simple crop. All with two boxes, not extra buttons. That was simplicity and elegance at its best. We are so proud of it we even filed a design patent!

Co-founder Terence Swee

Note: Pete couldn’t put his finger on just one – he loves them all!

What’s your favorite muvee you’ve created?

Pete: A few years ago my wife and I did an amazing trip to Chile and Argentina, travelling by boat through the Patagonian Channels, trekking in Torres del Paine National Park, visiting Buenos Aires, driving dirt roads in the Atacama desert, and other adventures. I created two muvees from this material: a short one that I used to create a tutorial in the muveeManiacs community and a longer one to share with friends. For the latter the music I picked was four different versions of “Chan Chan” by Compay Segundo. It’s a Cuban song, not Chilean, but I love the song and it fitted the material perfectly. Every so often I go back and watch that muvee; it brings back the feeling of the trip with amazing power. (You can see this muvee and how he made it here)

Note: Terence’s was of his recent triathlon in Malaysia using a GoPro camera and muvee Reveal X. Check his out here.

Any suggestions for fellow muvee-makers?

Pete: Let muvee work its magic!

Terence: Life is too short to waste time fiddling around with video editing software that insists on giving you just the tools, and expect you to be the carpenter. Focus on your story, and let us do the rest.

Great minds think alike, huh? 🙂

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