A 3 step guid to trimming HD with our video cutter software

As you read in this post by CEO Terence Swee, he searched high and low and couldn’t find a single MP4 Trimmer that did what he wanted it to do without jeopardizing the quality of his GoPro video clips. So he had the team in Singapore build one. Turbo Video Cutter is the first video cutter download that specifically supports GoPro HD video.

muvee engineers used existing technology from muvee’s mobile phone division (Device Solutions Group) called CODEN which enabled fast video cutting on HTC mobile devices.  CODEN, or Compressed Domain Editing ENgine, uses algorithms that take compressed HD video and cut the scene chosen without decoding the original video.

With Turbo Video Cutter, you mark the segment you want, cut it out and hit share. It’s that quick and easy. That scene is even cut in its original resolution and can then be uploaded to Facebook or Youtube directly. Turbo Video Cutter also allows you to choose from multiple HD clips, even if they are overlapping.

Turbo Video Cutter is available for a free 3 day trial.

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