Man rows solo across Atlantic and uses muvee video editing software to chronicle his adventure

Bhavik Ghandi is one of the elite few in the world who have ever crossed an ocean under human power.

He also used Reveal X create a muvee about his adventure.

In 2007 Bhavik Ghandi set a new world record by rowing solo and unsupported across the Atlantic ocean from Spain to the Caribbean island of Antigua, spending 106 days at sea in a 23-foot row boat.

Bhavik was inspired to make his own solo, self-powered crossing after reading about David Johnston and John Hoare, who set out to row across the Atlantic from Newfoundland to England in 1966 only to vanish vanished during their attempt.

After two years of planning the trip, designing the boat, and training for the journey, Bhavik made his first attempt at rowing across the Atlantic in April 2006. Unfortunately, a storm forced him to turn back.

It wasn’t until almost a year later, in February, 2007, and after his fourth attempt at setting out from Europe, that Bhavik was able to lose sight of land to begin what would become his successful solo row across the Atlantic. Bhavik left from Spain and arrived in Antigua on June 14, 2007 after more than 3 months at sea.

It wasn’t an easy trip.

About 500 kilometers from land, Bhavik’s boat capsized, and he spent the next four years certain he had lost all the footage of his trip. In December 2011, by chance he found some tapes that did survive the salt water and decided to make it into a short video:

Bhavik Ghandi

Bhavik Ghandi Bhavik Ghandi Bhavik says that he kept putting off the job of cutting the movie; he tried a couple of other video editing programs and found them way too complicated, even though he’s an engineer. Bhavik says Reveal X hit the spot:

I used Reveal X’s basic template. It gave me the perfect flexibility to tell the story just the way I want to, yet, not worry about technical details.

It’s an awesome video that has gone viral, and has so far received more than 150,000 views on YouTube.

Bhavik Ghandi What’s next?

Bhavik says he intends to enter his muvee in the Cannes film festival.

While it might sound unbelievable, keep in mind that Bhavik rowed solo across the Atlantic. We at muvee are certain he’ll take Cannes by storm.

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