Meet one special dad who writes the music for his muvees: Mr Ed Valentine!

One day we noticed a muvee posted on our Facebook wall that had lyrics to match exactly what was going on in the muvee. We thought, “Wow, how’d he do that?!” We reached out to Ed (thank goodness for Facebook messaging) and we were amazed to hear that he writes the songs for every one of his muvees and that the songs were recorded by professionals in a recording studio in Nashville (he admitted to us he’s not much of a singer)!

If you’re like us, you know it takes some time to find a song that perfectly matches your muvee. We thought matching lyrics to every picture and video clip must take some time so we asked Ed how he does it. Here’s what he had to say about the music and how he chooses the perfect Styles to use:

“I am a songwriter and lyricist and have written many songs over the years. In the last few years I have been putting my music to videos to display on youtube, facebook and on my website to help promote my music. My latest song, Uncle Earl’s Farm, recently won first place in a national song contest. Like many of my songs Uncle Earl’s Farm was based on a real life experience. Uncle Earl is my wife’s brother who has a farm in southeast Ohio. Every year we go back to the farm in June for a family reunion. The clips used in the video are a compilation of the last 4 reunions. In the video I used Uncle Oscar Style Pack because I wanted to give the video a vintage look to emphasize the rustic environment and simple life of the farm. It took me several weeks to create the video because I wanted to match the video with the lyrics in the song. In some areas this was challenging. Check out Uncle Earl’s Farm!

We also found out that Ed has two daughters. Each with their own song and muvee! Ed made muvees for Abigail and Angela Marie that focus on their lives through pictures that are in chronological order to emphasize the transition from infant to present. Angela Marie now has kids of her own, so it’s a great keepsake for the whole family. Abigail was a foster child that was eventually adopted only to have her adopted mom die a few years later. She was then adopted by Ed and his wife and he told us she is now a “sweet 13 year old.”

Thanks for sharing you stories Ed and for being a fan for over three years! We wish you a very happy Father’s Day!

You can view more of Ed’s videos on his website or YouTube channel.

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