Desktop software is only a small part of what we do at muvee. We build apps for a number of devices including cameras and phones. Our video editing apps have appeared on LG, Nokia, Samsung and Nikon devices to name a few. muvee even released the world’s first video editing app on Symbian mobile phones for Nokia in 2004. Now you can find muvee’s video editing app SmartMovie HD on LG’s Spectrum phone now available in the US for Verizon!

muvee’s SmartMovie HD app uses our core muvee-making functionality to automatically create a movie using multiple video clips (up to 1080P resolution) and photos (up to 8 Megapix) with transitions and effects built in to a variety of Styles. The movie is then synched to the beat of the music. The app includes 6 Styles and music. You can also use music you have downloaded on your phone. To get a fresh take on a movie, simply shake the device to quickly shuffle the order of the media chosen. After the movie is created, in about 3 seconds, you can tweak your muvee with advanced editing features like trimming off excess videos, trimming the music track used, adding Captions, Titles and Credits to tell your story, and also add graphic overlays like badges and filigrees. You can then upload your muvee to YouTube, Facebook, or save to your phone!

What makes this app different from other video editing apps? The muvee is made directly on your phone; not uploaded to the Cloud, then edited, and sent back to your device (which can take a lot of time!). Check out the features of this awesome new phone:

Everyone at muvee is very excited about this app and if you have a chance to check it out at a Verizon store or on your own Spectrum phone, we’d love to hear what you think!

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