muvee joins top youtube stars in seattle

This past weekend we had the pleasure of attending Chris Pirillo’s 2nd annual VloggerFair. The power of YouTube vloggers was ever present with hundreds of teenagers waiting hours in line just to meet famous vloggers including ShayCarl, Tyler Oakley and Charles Trippy. Their over-the-top personalities really demonstrated how these people have gained such a successful following on YouTube and other social media channels. Do you vlog? If so, we’d love to hear how you think muvee Reveal could help you edit your videos. Leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of muvee Reveal 11!

Why vlog:

If you want to become an internet personality, stop waiting for your big break and create it yourself. Start a vlog. All you need for a successful vlog is a video camera, a video editing program, and some time and opinions to share. Many vloggers have gotten their start on YouTube and have built impressive followings of devoted fans. So, grab your camera and start shooting a vlog of your own. Your unique style and personality will shine through each video you make using your movie maker. Your life is more interesting than you know; show it off!


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