Photography and video trends in 2013

An older Photobucket survey about photography and video trends provides some valuable insight into the way we capture and share our precious memories.

Mobile Video is Becoming More Popular

Mobile video is increasing rapidly in popularity. You might not always have a video camera by your side, but odds are your cell phone is always there and ready to shoot. Mobile video can mean more opportunities for catching special moments whether its baby’s first steps or the adorable little moose you saw at the zoo. You can even add these video memories to photo and video slideshows.

From summer 2011 to the holiday season 2011, mobile video popularity increased substantially. Of those surveyed 80% said they used mobile devices to capture video at the holiday survey compared with just 59% in the summer. Surprisingly 16% captured video at more than once each day using a mobile device like a smartphone camera.

Digital Cameras Used Less Frequently

While mobile video is exploding, digital cameras are being used less frequently. In the 2010 Photobucket holiday survey 82% of respondents reported using digital cameras to capture most of their images. In the 2011 survey this number had decreased to 64%. Although digital cameras are being used less frequently, they do still play a role as 38% of those surveyed indicated they used both mobile devices and digital cameras.

Social Media Sharing Becoming More Popular

Sharing photos and video on social media is an easy way to connect with family and friends and many people take advantage of this photo sharing opportunity. Of those surveyed 80% indicated they shared photos on social media compared with just 57% the year prior. One great way to share a bunch of photos and video clips at once is to create a video slideshow using video editing software like muvee Reveal X.

How do you share your photos? As times and technology continue to change, our methods of sharing will evolve, but one thing that will likely never change is the desire to capture and share our precious memories.

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