Turbo Video Stabilizer Software to the Rescue

Shaky videos? Obvious jitters and jellos? Turbo Video Stabilizer will fix that! Last year, we introduced Turbo Video Cutter to trim your HD videos in a few clicks. Now we have created video stabilizer software to combat those unwanted wiggles characteristic of action videos shot on GoPro and other POV mounted HD camcorders. 

Key Features:

  • Revolutionary 3-axes video stabilization engine independently models the X, Y and Z camera axes and also analyzes for the pitch, yaw and rotational moments in the camera motion. It corrects all 6 motions found in hand held videos.
  • Intuitive interface with single click functionality.
  • Smoothes irregular pan or zoom shots, making videos look like they are shot professionally on a dolly.
  • Powerful rolling shutter fix algorithm to fix CMOS sensor video artifacts.
  • Video rotate ensures video shot upside down or vertically can be corrected.
  • Supports all popular HD camcorder formats.
  • Direct upload to Facebook, YouTube, and muvee Cloud.

Turbo Video Stabilizer is available for a free 3 day trial. An introductory price of $19.99 is offered for a one-time license, or $9.99 per year which includes free updates and all upgrades. An example of video corrected using muvee Turbo Video Stabilizer can be found herehttp://tinyurl.com/cwouqng


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