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If you are a fan of muvee on Facebook, then you will recognize the name Francis Buiza Noches. (if you aren’t than you are missing out! “Like” us here!) Francis is a regular contributor to our fan page as well as our Community site. He’s been a fan of muvee for years, ever since he downloaded a free copy of autoProducer 4 that came with an issue of PCPlus Magazine – the Spanish edition. Did we mention Francis lives in Spain?! He upgraded to muvee Reveal when he saw the holiday sale we had. Since then he has purchased all of the stylePacks and downloaded all of the free styles. (You can find those here under the “Free Single Styles” tab)

Now, Francis even makes his own styles!! We bet most of you didn’t even know you could do that so we figured we’d let Francis tell you in his own words about his muvee-making experience and how he got started making his own styles.muvee User Profile

You create lots of muvee Styles. How did you get started with that?

When I discovered the muvee Maniacs user forum, I realized that some users had created their own muvee styles. I downloaded those created styles and I saw that they worked perfectly on my muvee Reveal. So I thought “if they could do it, why couldn’t I?”

I started by opening the C:Program FilesCommon Filesmuvee Technologies71203 folders directory, so I could understand how styles were structured in their own anatomy. Then, I started opening every data.scm file and I studied its ‘skeleton’, so I could understand the operation of every style more easily. Also, I found very useful information on All of my styles are always based on some existing ones, according to the license terms in muvee-style-authoring.

At present, I’m working on another simple scrapbook style with black-and-white-irregular-geometric-shaped backgrounds and the possibility to put some single color or gradient on the picture border 🙂


I don’t mind sharing my styles for free to everyone on both muvee Maniacs user forum and muvee Facebook fan page. I hope that people enjoy and like my styles.

Pretty cool, right?! You can find and download Francis’s styles from our Community forum dedicated to creating your own styles.

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