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We are proud to feature Jennifer Blackham as our user of the month! Jennifer is a regular contributor to our Facebook fan page and a SUPER mom, who has also been using muvee since 2003! When her computer died, taking her muvee program with it, she took a little break from muvee-making. She started taking video again when she got a digital camera with video functions, and she hasn’t stopped making muvees since!

What’s even better…Jennifer uses muvee to keep track of her kids’ sporting events and even blogs about it! By posting her muvees online she can share them easily with all the kids on the team (and their parents of course). Genius way to share and archive old muvees, right?! She also has a YouTube channel for family muvees as well as sports. Jennifer is one social media savvy mom!

Check out one of her muvees here:

In addition to chronicling all the sporting events, Jennifer is now responsible for the yearly family recap muvee. Here she tells us how she got that job:

“For several years now, my husband would put together a slideshow of photos from the year that we would reveal at the family Christmas party on Christmas Eve. I’m not sure what program he would use, but arranging, working the transitions, captions, zooming in … it would take him several hours. This last year, we got so busy, it was the morning of the party and we both suddenly realized he hadn’t put the slideshow together! I took all the pictures, loaded them into muvee, did a few quick tweaks and saved, it probably only took me about 30 minutes (which was good, because that was all the time we had!) … and hubby says the annual slideshow is now MY job (mine and muvee!).”

Thanks so much to Jennifer for sharing her stories with us! We love hearing how we saved Christmas (well, not really but….;))

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