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What do birthday parties, the space shuttle and underwater videography have in common?Marc Morale

If you answered “Marc Morale,” you’re right! Marc has been using muvee extensively ever since picking up a copy of muvee autoProducer In the years since then, Marc has worked with just about every product we’ve made and with great results!

Some of Marc’s favorite experiences with muvee include taking his laptop to birthday parties, taking snaps during the party and actually creating a muvee and burning it to DVD before leaving the party. He says folks are amazed when he does this and are very grateful for such a perfect keepsake.

Another great muvee experience he’s had involved making a “mockumentary” of himself and his scuba friends discovering the Lost City of Atlantis. muvee Reveal helped set the right visual tone, and Marc says it was easy to overdub a narration.

Also, as Marc says, “my favorite muvees are the ones of my family.  I really enjoy capturing moments with my kids and then creating video memories of them.  The Grandparents are always prompting me with emails to send them the latest muvee of my family’s adventures.  Because muvee software is so easy and fast, it is easy for me to share the muvees in small file formats in an email.  I also like to save the muvees in cell phone formats to share with friends when I am out and about.”

Many thanks to Marc for sharing his muvee experiences with us. Check out our YouTube channel to see some of Marc’s great work.

Here’s an sample of Marc’s work, embedded here using the instructions provided in our Posting muvees article:

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