Interview with Cliff Haman, photographer

We found this month’s profiled user via email. Robert Schnotala reached out to us to let us know a few suggestions and ideas he had for muvee Reveal X. He had some great ones so we thought we’d profile him and share his ideas with all of you! Robert’s been using muvee for several years after he stumbled upon the free version that came with his HP Pavilion computer. And as he says, “I was totally amazed at what I had discovered!”

Being an Adobe Photoshop user, he was blown away with how easy it was to use muvee. He had been using the trial version when his nephew graduated from US Army Bootcamp. Tons of photos and videos came from that special day. Robert was asked to burn all the photos and videos on to a DVD. What did he do instead?? He purchased muvee Reveal X to make them something they would remember, and as Robert says, make the graduation “COME ALIVE!”

You can check out the video for yourself here (we LOVE the use of the logo feature too):

Robert, like us, thinks that choosing music can be the hardest part of making a movie: “The song is just as important as you can see, as it really sets the mood and tone of the video. Once you’ve found the perfect song, the rest just falls into place. MUSIC is what can really set your project apart from just a slide show of a bunch of pictures!” His suggestion to other muvee users is “If you can take the time to find the perfect song, then arrange your photos to fit the song, you’ll really have something people will remember.”

We think his song fits perfectly and we’ll definitely remember this muvee! Thank you Robert!

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