Interview with Cliff Haman, photographer

You may recognize the name Yuki Wildstar from her New York Giants- enthusiast muvees she often posts on our Facebook wall. As expected Yuki had some great muvees for us after the NY Giants won the Super Bowl. We love sports videos and wanted to find out when and why her NY Giants muvees started so we thought she would be the perfect featured user for this month’s newsletter. Yuki has been using muvee Reveal 8 for over a year. She discovered muvee after using Windows Movie Maker and her computer crashed and she was looking for “a really good movie maker”. She tried everything from Corel to Video Maker and they were all too complicated, leaving her very frustrated. Then she found muvee.

After making a muvee for a friend’s daughter’s wedding, Yuki’s husband had a great idea. If she could do that with wedding photos, couldn’t she do that with football photos and videos?! As a NY Giants fan, he really wanted to irk his Dallas-fan buddy so Yuki created a muvee with funny pictures of the DallasCowboys and set it to the song “Bad Day”. Her husband “laughed his butt off” when he saw the final production and put it up on his friend’s Facebook wall where it stayed for days.

Personally, Yuki had always wanted to do what others were doing on YouTube with Anime but she wanted to use her own music. Now she does just that using muvee! You can check out one of her Anime muvees on her YouTube channel:

What advice does Yuki have for other muvee users? “Have fun with it! Be creative, there are so many things that you can do and the support is awesome.” Thanks, Yuki! Remember, we choose most of our featured users from our Facebook wall so be sure to post your muvees if you want to be selected!

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