If you’ve seen the recent reviews of muvee Cloud we’ve shared on our Facebook page, you’ll know that muvee Cloud (formerly shwup) has been a favorite photo/video sharing site and video editing program for teachers and educators for years because of our commitment to privacy and safety of online photos and videos. We also offer student and educators a free membership!

Have you used muvee Cloud yet? Here are some teacher favorite features that set muvee Cloud apart from other photo/video sharing sites:

– muvee Cloud is seamlessly integrated with award-winning video editing program muvee Reveal X. Upload your muvees from Reveal X in a click and use muvee Cloud’s private sharing options to share your muvees.

– muvee Cloud provides the easiest means of creating a shared album with consolidated video and photos from participants of an event. To do this on FB, one has to set up a FB page, create an album, make all the friends admins to the page so that they have the right to upload photos (and photos only).

– muvee Cloud makes inviting people to an album quick and easy. They can be invited via email, through Facebook, or simply by passing a link around. The last feature is great when it is used for events like weddings where it is impossible to get the email address of every attendees. Instead, the album invitation URL can be printed on the invitation to invite guests to upload their photos and videos after the event.

– There is no limit on the photos and videos that can be added to an album. Facebook Albums are limited to 200 photos.

– Guests can add photos/videos to the album simply by replying to the invitation email. This makes it easy for guest to add photos and videos shot on their smart phones without having to first export them out.

– Albums are private by default, only those invited can see them. This makes it the best platform for parents and educators that are weary of the exposure of their personal media on other social networking sites.

Check out this recent review of muvee Cloud from a teacher: http://www.freetech4teachers.com/2011/10/shwup-renamed-as-muvee-cloud-still-easy.html

And this review from a teacher who switched from Adobe Premier Pro to muvee Reveal X: http://www.mindofateacher.com/why-i-switched-from-adobe-premiere-pro-cs4-to-muvee-reveal-x/

If you are a student, teacher or educator and would like a free membership to muvee Cloud, please email lindsay@muvee.com.

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