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We often get asked why we make certain decisions when it comes to our video editing software and product features. Since the launch of muvee Reveal X we’ve had a few people ask us on Facebook why in muvee Reveal X it’s no longer possible to change the position of the captions. We went straight to the head honcho himself, CEO Terence Swee, and asked him to tell us why. Here’s what he had to say:

When we added the text animation feature, we were immediately faced with several conflicting problems:

– At certain locations where users might place their captions, they may never show up completely due to the entry and exit animations prescribed

– If the Captions are too long, you can’t place them at the edges either, or there will be no place for the captions to “fly in.”

– For scrapbook-type styles where the photo/video window is framed by a photobook-like page border, its more natural for the Captions to be on the “paper” border, rather than over the video! So how do you restrict users from placing captions on videos for scrapbook styles?

So we went back to basics and asked ourselves: who is this product for, and what are its core objectives?

muvee is about making great looking productions with minimal effort, period. We could have taken the easy way out, and simply have different Caption controls for different Styles, each with different space constraints. But this would complicate the usability of the product while pretending to make it more “flexible”. So we opted instead to solve the problem at its core by putting in several hidden new intelligent features, and removed the ability to re-position each Caption instead.

What we did:
We paid careful attention to where the Captions will be placed in each Style, even making sure that they tilt parallel to the borders of some Scrapbook styles (eg: Lifebook), making some of them Right Justified (Cube Twist) vs Center Justified (Hexplode) or Left Justified. We then hired a font specialist to hand pick fonts for each Style. Every font has a personality and story to tell. Users will never have to wonder which font works better or try to choose different fonts and sizes to match. We also added code to automatically resize the fonts depending on how many characters were typed into the Headlines and Subtext for each Caption. That way, everything will always look balanced. So, on the surface, we “removed” one feature, but actually, we have enhanced the entire experience and added quite a few features…but these are features that do NOT take up more of the user’s time, and add to product complexity. These are features that work hard under the hood, never requiring any attention.

After all, we want you to focus on telling your story your way! Video editing software doesn’t have to be hard to use!

Check out some of the text animations with different Styles and we think you’ll agree with his decision 🙂

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