3 must use features for creating the best vacation slideshows with muvee

Those summer vacation memories are priceless and you don’t want to forget the fun you had together. You also have a few friends and family members who would love to see your photos from the trip. muvee has made creating a video slideshow so easy, you’ll never look back. No more printing photobooks or storing images on a disk drive. And these 3 features will make your trip really shine!

1. Zoom in on the action! 

Pan in on vacation photos or zoom in on that perfect smile with magicSpot.

We automatically zoom in on faces but you can manually control that pan and zoom if your focus is elsewhere! Zoom in on the man jumping in the in Rome’s Trevi Fountain in the background.

Pan from the tip of the pyramid to the base! You choose the best part of the photo!

Watch our tutorial on magicSpot magic!


2. Use Intertitles and Captions to Tell the Story

muvee Reveal offers Intertitles – blank title slides you can place in between your vacation photos and videos – to help define chapters within your movie-story.

Place an Intertitle before the highlights of each day of your 10 day trip, or highlight each city you visited on your European adventure.

Intertitles come with cool text animations with their own entry and exit sequences.

Using Captions, emphasize those moments even better. Includes support for two-line Headlines and Subtext!

Watch how we used Captions and Intertitles for our video of San Francisco here:

3. Highlight the Can’t-Be-Missed Moments!

Show off the perfect moment or even exclude that embarrassing scene with our magicMoments feature.

With our intuitive “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” buttons you can easily remove segments of your vacation videos and highlight others.

With hours of footage, we know you don’t want to include it all. We made it easy to edit! “Thumbs up” the clip of you getting off the plane in Spain and “thumbs down” the clip of you going through customs on the way home!

Learn more about magicMoments in this video tutorial:

If you haven’t already be sure to download a free trial of muvee Reveal!

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