you asked, we answered: Volume 1

As an effort to continually improve our Customer Service, we will be starting a series of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers. Our hope is that you will find the solutions to your issues more effortlessly.

Question: Why are my photos overlapping when I use certain Styles on muvee Reveal?


The issue with the photos overlapping each other is related to Intel HD graphics card. Please follow the steps below to rectify the issue:

  1. Kindly uninstall muvee Reveal 11 and styles

    1. Go to ‘Control Panel’ and ‘Programs and Features’. Please uninstall the program in the following order-

      1. muvee Reveal 11

      2. muvee stylePack(if any)

      3. muvee Dolby Addon (if any)

      4. muvee Reveal Runtime

  2. Download the fix from the link below:  ftp://muveeUserMedia:UM12oPLkadtunb9@

  3. Unzip and extract the downloaded file onto your computer (save it to the Desktop)

  4. Open the extracted file and run the following files:

    1. commonmodules.msi

    2. product.msi

  5. Launch muvee Reveal 11 – problem solved!

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