You asked, we answered: Volume 2

This time, we’re going to tackle not one but two of some of our frequently asked questions. Let’s get started!

Question: Application is too large to display on monitor (muvee Reveal 11)

Answer: Change the DPI Settings to 96 DPI or normal fonts to correct the problem you are experiencing.

Windows 7/8
1. Open ‘Control Panel’ then click on the Display icon.
2. Click ‘Set custom text size (DPI)’ then choose ‘Smaller – 100%’
3. Click on the ‘Apply’ button.
4. Click on the ‘Log Off Now’ button to apply the DPI changes.

Windows Vista:
1. Open ‘Control Panel’.
2. Type in ‘Adjust font size’ in the search box. It will take you directly to the link for the DPI Scaling Utility.
3. Click on 96 DPI which is the normal font size.
4. Click ‘OK’.

Question: What exactly will I receive after I have made my purchase from muvee?

Answer: You will receive an invoice e-mail from our secure e-commerce provider, which contains the download link(s) and product key(s) of your purchased muvee product(s). If you ordered Backup CDs, those will be shipped and delivered to the address you have specified during the purchasing process. (Shipment may take around 5 to 10 working days for the US and EU, and 10 to 25 working days for other countries/regions.)

We hope this has helped you! If you were unable to find your answer(s) at our Support Page, please kindly contact our Customer Service Team via email or live chat (Our Real-Time Chat operates weekdays, from 9am to 5pm CST).

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