Making engaging slideshows with professional video editing software

When it comes time to save your muvee you’ll have to make an important decision: what file format should I use? Our intuitive video editing software offers several choices to make it easy for you to share your muvee across any medium you desire.

Let’s take a look at some of the popular file formats available to help you narrow down the choices and make the right pick (you can also find your favorite file format using our video editing software, muvee Reveal X!)

  • Direct Upload to Facebook/YouTube- Social media lovers will love the easy upload process to their favorite social sites like Facebook and YouTube. Just login using your account and muvee will take care of the uploading for you. Movie making and sharing has never been so easy.
  • DVD- If you want to create a standard DVD or VCD of your muvee, this file format is for you. This option is great for creating a hardcopy of your muvee and can be used to preserve wedding videos, vacation memories and more. We’ve even seen some businesses create video marketing DVDs to send out to potential clients using our movie making software.
  • High Definition- We have a few different file formats available for those creating HD muvees. The first is called WMV-HD and will play only on Windows. This file format uses fewer megabytes than our other HD options. The AVC-HD format is an ideal format for those planning on burning to Blu-Ray. Finally select MOV-HD to create HD video that will play using QuickTime. The MOV-HD format is the largest HD file format and will use quite a bit of space on your hard drive, especially if you have a long muvee.
  • iTunes- Your muvees can be easily transferred to your iPhones, iPads and even iPods using your iTunes account. We’ll save the file to your iTunes account on your computer and the muvee will automatically transfer to your device during your next sync.
  • Computer-  Playing muvees on your computer is a breeze with the many available file formats. WMV files use a relatively small amount of hard drive space for a good quality video that plays on Windows. MOV files are quite a bit larger, and play on Windows and Apple using QuickTime. Finally the MPEG-1 file format will play on any computer
  • Mobile Devices- To make your muvees mobile device compatible you’ll want to choose either the MP4 format or WMV. Choose MP4 for newer mobile phones and WMV for Windows based smartphones.

And for your viewing pleasure we leave you with a funny YouTube video of a cat confused by a computer. Enjoy!

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