Use a movie making program to capture an Easter Egg hunt

What are your plans for Easter this year? Whether you’re planning on having a quiet day at home or celebrating the holiday at church, odds are that you’ll enjoy the time honored tradition of an Easter egg hunt. When the kids start searching for those plastic eggs, don’t forget to pull out your video camera… and then your movie making program. An Easter egg hunt will provide you with many opportunities to capture great footage and priceless memories.

A little advance planning can make your Easter egg hunt video even better. Here are some great tips for ensuring that you capture every priceless moment from the first egg to the last chocolate bunny.

More Cameras, More Footage

You can make a great Easter video on your own, but if you enlist some help you’ll be able to capture more of those special moments. If you’re planning a big hunt ask friends and family to bring their cameras along too. At the end of the hunt gather up all the video footage and use muvee Reveal X to splice everything together. You may want to assign one person to focus general egg hunt footage and another to focus on individual children as they collect eggs. Don’t forget to also recruit plenty of help for the hunt itself; those eggs aren’t going to hide themselves!

Start with a Bang

Capturing the excited looks on children’s faces at the start of an Easter egg hunt can be priceless. Make sure you are there and ready with your camera from the very first egg. It can work well to have all the children wait inside while the eggs are hidden outside and to start the hunt all at once.

Don’t Shy Away from Tears

Tears, tantrums and upset children are a common part of any big event, including Easter egg hunts. These emotional moments can make for a great muvee, so don’t be afraid to catch them on camera. Of course, make sure you find plenty of smiles too.

A little planning before the big day will help you to create a great video of your next Easter egg hunt. Remember you can only make these memories once; make sure you take the time to capture and preserve them.

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