Melody McKinley shares her Easter traditions (Plus FREE stylePack!)

We asked our Facebook fans who used muvee to make Easter muvees. With the kids running around looking for hidden eggs, family feasts and candy overloads we know Easter is a great time to gather photos and video footage. Melody McKinley was kind enough to tell us about her Easter traditions and muvee magic!

One of the things we did when our own four children were growing up was fill their Easter Baskets and then hide them. When they were little they might be behind the sofa or under the kitchen table. As they got older my husband would make their search more difficult. One year he hid our son’s in the laundry room cabinet. It took him almost an hour to find, giving him hot and cold clues. We always had great fun Easter morning. Now three of our children are married with children of their own and they are continuing the tradition of hiding Easter baskets!

Marsha's Family on Easter in 1988 and 2012

This year Melody is going to use her favorite muvee product, muvee Reveal X, to document their Easter memories. She also thinks the Stop Motion Style from the Action stylePack would be perfect for her muvee.

With many options for sharing we asked her how she shows off her muvees:

I burn my movies to DVD and share them with family and close friends.

We can’t wait to see her muvees! If you have an Easter or Spring muvee you want to share, post it on our Facebook page and get a FREE stylePack on us! (*$14.95 value. Offer expires 4/7)

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