free muvee reveal 11 for mommy bloggers

Are you a mommy blogger? We want you to give muvee Reveal 11 a try and help us spread the word about how easy it is to create custom videos with our video editing software. Make adorable videos of birthday parties and show off your kiddos with stunning photo slideshows. Get in touch with us and try muvee for free; we’re certain you’ll love it!

Why try muvee Reveal 11? Here are a few of the reasons mommies like you love our software:

  • Videos in Minutes– One mommy blogger that tried our software created her first video in just 10 minutes (check out her great video at the bottom of this post). Being a mom is a lot of work, but if you can find 10 minutes to spare, you can create videos of your children, even on your first try.
  • Share in Seconds– Show off your cute kids to family, friends, and blogging buddies around the world with easy uploading to Facebook and YouTube.
  • Music that Won’t Get Flagged– Have you ever experienced the dreaded copyright flagging and removal on Facebook and YouTube? We’ve teamed up with Rumblefish to offer a huge library of music for licensing on your various projects. You can be sure that your movies won’t be flagged or removed.
  • Styles for Every Style– Every mom is different and every video you create can be too. With muvee Reveal 11 you’ll find a variety of unique styles to suit every personality and mood. You can even customize photos with stickers, frames, and embellishments using muvee’s Graffiti feature.
  • So Easy Even a Kid Can Use it– Get your kids in on the video editing fun too. This blogger found that muvee Reveal 11 was fun for the whole family. Even her kids could make their own videos with very little adult help.

Contact Us to Give muvee Reveal a Try

If you’re a blogger and want to try muvee Reveal for yourself (for free), we’d love to hear from you. Email Lindsay for more details.

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