Home video fun with muvee Reveal

Watching home videos is a great way to relive laughs, share memories, and forge an everlasting bond with family and friends. But, not all home videos are created equally. With video editing software you can tweak your videos into fascinating clips your family will want to watch again and again. Don’t let treasured memories slip away; preserve and share with muvee Reveal.

How can you use muvee Reveal for great home videos? Here are some ideas to try with your family.

Create Movies Together

It is great when family lives close by, but more often than not, our loved ones live across the country or around the globe. muvee Reveal’s collaborative editing feature brings the family together allowing multiple users to create videos as one. Add photos, tweak memories, and save changes on one shared file with family members around the world. You’ve never felt closer than when you work on preserving family memories together.

Share via Social Media, Email, DVD, and More

Home movies are best when they are enjoyed together and muvee Reveal makes it easy to share. Post your latest creations to Facebook to share with family and friends around the world or create a DVD and mail it out. With many options for sharing your videos, you’ll be able to keep everyone in the loop.

Have Some Family Fun

Don’t forget to have some fun with your family. Use Graffiti to mark up your family photos for a video slideshow that’s sure to delight. Add frames, funny moustaches, caption bubbles, and more. Family videos have never been so much fun.

Great home movies are just a few clicks away. Upload your favorite photos and video clips and share your favorite family memories today!

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