How to choose music to make a perfect video [guest blog post]

Do you ever have a song that would be perfect for your muvee, but find that it’s too long or that you only want to use a particular part?

We have the solution for you. Using our video maker, muvee Reveal X you can shorten the length of any music track in just a few clicks.

You’ll never have to search for a few extra pictures to make your muvee the right length for your selected song again.

Select Your Style

Using muvee Reveal X create your muvee like you always do. Choose a style and add your desired music. You can use the recommended tracks that accompany the program or you can add music of your own from your computer.

Pull Up the Music

Once you’ve selected your music, you can easily edit the length of the track. Pull up the song by clicking on ‘Change’ in the music section of your selected style (Red Arrow). The music track will pop up nearby.

Adjust the Sliders

Now the track will pop up and you can adjust the green sliders (Yellow Arrow) that appear at the start and end of the song to select your desired portion of the song. You can trim a bit off the end, cut out the beginning or choose your favorite portion from the middle. If you want to use multiple songs in your muvee, add another track and trim as well. When one song ends, it will slowly fade as the next begins.

It’s that easy to customize your music and find the perfect songs for your muvee. Now try your new skill by making a YouTube video of your own.

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