Make a YouTube video, get famous!

We all know the feeling of doom that accompanies an invitation to see someone’s vacation photo slideshow.

Endless photos of buildings, self-taken portraits and landscapes can lead to a boring afternoon and friends that run in the other direction every time you get home from a trip. Luckily there is a solution to this problem (and it isn’t keeping your photos to yourself).

Making interesting photo slideshow videos is possible (and even easy with muvee Reveal X – try it out with our video editor free trial period).

Music is Key

Don’t underestimate the value of adding music to your video or slideshow. Stimulating multiple senses will keep viewers entertained through countless photos. Another perk of using music is the automatic time limit it places on your video. For example if you plan on playing a 5 minute song in the background of your muvee, you can tailor the number of pictures shown to the length of your song. This ensures that your video is a good length and that you don’t showcase too many pictures.

This YouTube video is an excellent illustration of what music can do for a video. The music helps the video move along and keeps the viewer entertained while adding excitement and drama.

Use a Photo or Video Editor

We at muvee can’t stress this point enough. So many people complain that they don’t have time to create videos or slideshows, but this simply isn’t true. With muvee RevealX you can make a video in less than 10 minutes. Just choose your pictures and let the slideshow maker do the rest. If the photos and videos are already on your computer, it will take minutes to get everything together and create a stunning video.

Flavor it with Personality

Just like you don’t want to eat at a restaurant that doesn’t use spices, people don’t want to watch a video without personality. Infusing your muvee with your unique style will keep things interesting for your viewers. Using the YouTube vacation video shown previously as an example,  the headings and titles in various scenes added personality and helped the viewer to better experience the emotions, thoughts and feelings each scene evoked.
For vacation videos people actually want to watch, use these simple tips and make muvee magic of your own.

Learn more about our slideshow maker and start making interesting muvees of your own.

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