Making engaging slideshows with professional video editing software

If you can count to three, you can make a muvee. It really is that easy and we’ll even show you how.

In this blog post we’ll walk you using our video maker to create your first movie step by step. Once you’ve learned what to do, try it out for yourself. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can create and share professional quality movies with muvee.

Step 1: Select Your Photos, Videos and Style

If you have photos and videos, you’re got everything you need to make a movie. Simply add your favorite photos from your computer, camera or camcorder and plug them in to our home video editor. You can use as many photos and video clips as you like. For a longer movie add more and for a shorter one add less.

Once you have your photos and videos selected, choose a style and muvee Reveal X will do the rest. We have a variety of professional quality styles available. Each style will transition from shot to shot and transform your pictures into an entertaining film. Adding music is easy too and adds a special touch to your finished movie.

Step 2: Preview

You’re practically done and we’re just getting started. Preview your movie and see what you’ve created. Our program will compile all your photos, create transitions and tie everything together for you. Just give it a minute and you can start previewing your custom movie.

If you find something you’d like to change, you can do so easily. You can customize the way photos are displayed, the length of film clips and more in just a few clicks.

Step 3: Save and Share

Once you like what you see (and with our intuitive video making tools how could you not?) you are ready to save and share. You can easily upload your movie to Facebook or YouTube, save to a CD, playback on your computer and more.

One, two, three is all it takes to create a professional quality movie using muvee Reveal X. Check out this great example of what you can do with some great vacation photos and our video maker.

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