If you read user profile of Sue Jubb, you learned that she relies heavily on the magicSpot feature to get the pan and zoom just right on her sports photos. We are going to show you how you can make the most of your photos with one of our favorite features!

muvee Reveal uses patented technology to automatically zoom in on human faces and actions during the playback of your muvee. But say you want to focus in on the surfer in the background? You can use magicSpot to manually adjust the pan and zoom boxes in your image or drag the highlighted “spot” to where you want to zoom in on the photo. You can also use magicSpot to crop your image by overlaying the two boxes which will crop out the part of the images outside the box. In magicSpot you can also turn off the zoom effect for each photo.

Check out this demo video that shows just how to use the magicSpot feature. Do you use magicSpot for your photos??

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