Ever since Instagram stunned the world by getting snapped up by Facebook, we here at muvee have wanted to point out that, hey, we also make videos hip, with, in your case muvee’s Polaroid Style, which is part of the wonderful photoFabulous Stylepack.

muvee Styles, of course, help make your home movies come alive. Our Polaroid Style does what it says on the tin: it adds retro Polaroid-style photographs to your video slideshow.

Similar to Instagram and other popular mobile apps, muvee Styles such as photoFabulous make it easy to get creative and personalize your photos with funky retro themes and effects. Polaroid, of course, is a particularly elegant style that can help focus whoever’s watching your video on your photos.

The clean white boxes are a perfect contrast with whatever classic background you choose. Here’s an example:

Of course, as mentioned in a previous post, photoFabulous also includes the wonderful Postcards style which is more retro than retro, and will take you viewer back to an era where communications occurred over a matter of days or weeks, rather than the seconds or minutes of today’s internet-connected age.

Lomo Loco is another distinctive style that adds life to your photos by reimagining them as the products of Andy Warhol’s fevered mind, with beautiful saturated colors. What could be hipper than that? Here’s a sample:

Whichever muvee Style you choose, it’s clear that the future is friendly – thanks to technology it’s getting easier and easier to create highly personal and engaging photos and photo slideshows. Be part of the trend, and try a muvee Style today.

muvee makes video slideshow creation easier.

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