Get the most out of Reveal video editing software with muvee Styles

What’s your favorite muvee Style? Is it the multi-dimensional Cube Twist or the page turning Lifebook? Perhaps you prefer the simplicity of Ultra Plain. Each different Style lends a unique personality to the photo and video slideshows you create. Let’s take a quick look at three popular Styles you’ll find when using muvee’s video editing software.

Cube Twist

Cube twist is multi-dimensional, fast moving Style that will keep you entertained and guessing at every turn. Your photo and video clips are displayed as sides of an ever turning cube. This style highlights photos beautifully. As the cube turns you’ll see your favorite photos displayed on the sides of the cube as it twists, turns and transitions.

This Style is great for a variety of different photo and video slideshows. It would work well for vacation photos, family photos, etc. If you want to explore the many dimensions that life holds, choose Cube Twist as your muvee Style.


Lifebook turns the traditional scrapbook or photo album digital. Your photos are displayed on pages of an old fashioned book. As each page turns another photo tells more of your story. This Style is ideal for telling the many stories of your life. The book styling lends itself especially well to using captions and intertitles. Lifebook is an ideal choice for creating a memorial tribute video, for telling the story of a child’s birth or for highlighting any important life event.

Ultra Plain

If you want plain and simple, you want Ultra Plain as your muvee Style. Ultra Plain focuses on your photos, nothing else. Photos are beautifully showcased without distraction. Transitions are smooth and plain, nothing fancy here. While Ultra Plain isn’t as showy as some styles, its simplicity allows you to really focus on your photo and video clips.

Ultra Plain is a great choice for almost any photo or video slideshow. The simple background lends well to marketing projects, assorted photos and anything else you want to display. Since the focus is really on the photos with this Style, make sure you choose only the highest quality photo and video clips.

Each muvee Style is unique, just like the videos you’ll create. Choose your favorite style and create a one of a kind video all your own.

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