Steve Fisher, self-proclaimed muvee Maniac and avid amateur astronomer, has been using muvee since autoProducer 6. He mainly makes muvees for his family and 2 granddaughters, and like many muvee users, Steve’s team videos are often anticipated.

His favorite thing about muvee? “Did I mention I have a wife, two teen age granddaughters and two Shih Tzu’s at home? Did I mention my love for Astronomy, camping and car shows? The absolute best thing about using muvee Reveal X is how fast you can produce an excellent muvee.”

We had asked via Facebook for some volunteers to share their Springtime muvees with us and Steve was kind enough to share a muvee that he created to encompass the change from Winter to Spring. “Most of the photos for this video were taken at home in my wife’s gardens, at one of my favorite places in the world (Great Basin National Park) and at the Stansbury Park Observatory Complex where I do most of my astronomy.”

To show how each muvee can be completely changed in just a click by switching the Style, we asked Steve to create the same muvee using a different Style. Steve told us: “Having different Styles at your fingertips allows almost instant gratification for any project. With the number of stylePacks and the variations available in them it is hard to imagine not being able to find several Styles that will do an excellent job on your muvee.”

Steve’s original muvee was made with the Squares Style from the Mix It Up stylePack. Check out the muvee here:

To add some light and clouds, Steve then changed the Style to Soar, also from the Mix It Up stylePack.

Lastly, Steve decided to try one more Style – and from the Wedding stylePack. This muvee made with the Velvet Style was Steve’s favorite.

We asked Steve why he chose the Styles he did, and he told us, “The theme for these three muvees is “Spring” and so I wanted a slower pace, a more easy going style. The Velvet Style from the Wedding stylePack and the Soar Style from Mix It Up were nice and slow paced. The version using squares from Mix It Up was just about as upbeat as I wanted to go with this video.”

Thanks to Steve for showing us how just a click of a button can change the whole feel of your muvee! Which one is your favorite??

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