How to share video online with movie making software

muvee makes it really easy to get your muvees posted to YouTube, and muvee Reveal even has one-click upload directly to shwup, Facebook and YouTube.Upload To Social Media

However, what if you have your muvee on YouTube and want to post it on your WordPress blog? Alternately, what if you want to post your YouTube video on Facebook (instead of uploading directly to Facebook) so you can keep track of all your video views and stats in one place? Let’s have a look…


  1. Embedding your YouTube muvee right in your WordPress blog is simple if you do the following:
  2. Log into YouTube, navigate to My Videos, then navigate to the video you want to share.
  3. Click the “Share” button below the video.
  4. Click the “Embed” button that appears right below the link that appeared after you clicked “Share.”
  5. Copy the code that appears and is already highlighted right below the “Embed” button.
  6. Start a new post in WordPress or open the post where you want to include the video. Before placing the video, it’s easiest if you have some introduction text, a couple of blank lines, then some closing text before you embed the video (you can edit it afterwards).
  7. Click on the “HTML” tab just above the text box where you’re putting your post.
  8. If you left a blank line you’ll see   right in the html code. Right after the   paste your embed code which you copied from YouTube.
  9. Save your Draft or Publish your Post and the video will now appear right on your blog!
    * Note that if you have any problem with the YouTube embed in WordPress that YouTube gives you an option to “use old embed code.” to get the “old” style code you simply select this option before copying the embed code but otherwise use the exact same instructions as above.

That wasn’t too hard, was it?


Getting your YouTube video onto Facebook is even easier:

  1. Go to YouTube and copy the “Share” link (see step one in the WordPress instructions above).
  2. Open your Facebook account.
  3. At the top of your page right below where it says “News Feed” you’ll see the choice to “Share”. Click “Link”, paste your YouTube link and click “Attach.”
  4. Insert a comment to describe the video where it says “Say something about this link” and click “Share”.

That’s it – your YouTube video is now on Facebook and all views will be tracked through YouTube.


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