A 3 step guid to trimming HD with our video cutter software

One sure mark of an amateur videographer is shaky video, but when you’re on the go and filming it can difficult, if not impossible, to keep your camera from shaking. This is especially true when shooting action like a sporting event or a game of catch outside. Luckily you aren’t stuck with that shaky video forever; you can use muvee’s video cutter software and stabilization tools to create perfect video clips, without all those annoying shakes. We’ll show you how.

Use muvee Turbo Video Stablizer to Remove Unnecessary Shaking

Start with a video that you would like to stabilize. It’s quick and easy to import it into muvee Turbo Video Stablizer. Once the video is imported, choose ‘Stabilize’ and the program will work its magic. Remember the length of video you import will determine how long the stabilization process will take. Longer videos take more time, but be patient; the results are worth it.

Once the stabilized video is prepared, make sure you save it. Now you’re ready to cut down your video into usable clips using muvee Turbo Video Cutter. If you have any questions about stabilizing, this video will walk you through the process step by step.

Edit Your Video Footage with muvee Turbo Video Cutter

Upload your video into the video cutting software. Make sure you use the video you’ve already stabilized and saved. Turbo Video Cutter does a great job of creating clips from HD video. Just drag the arrows to create clips. Try to focus on the most interesting parts of your video. Leaving a few seconds of a buffer on each side of the clip will ensure that you don’t miss your favorite moments. Once you’ve chosen your favorite bits of video, click on ‘Create Clip’ to cut the video and create the clip. If there are other segments in the video you want to select, follow the same process and create additional clips.

Once your clips are ready save them to your computer for later use with muvee’s video editing software or skip a step and export them right to muvee so you get started creating sharable videos using your pictures and newly created and stabilized clips. Check out this video of the video cutting process for an easy to follow video tutorial.

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