Style by Style - a guide to muvee Styles

The innovative tools in our movie making software help you create a distinct and wonderful muvees time and time again. But there are so many Styles to choose from! To get you started, here’s a brief guide to muvee Styles

Each different style will lend a unique perspective to your film, turning a regular old slideshow into something magical. Each of the styles available in muvee RevealX has different features; here are some tips for using each one.

Cube Twist

When using this style, your cube will jump and shake along with your music; if you want to lessen the effect (or increase it) click on the style settings link next to your selected style and adjust the “beat response” and “bounciness” categories.


Kinetic is an intense style, perfect for action movies or slideshows of your recent rock climbing or surfing trip. The dramatic transitions associated with this style require an up to date graphics card and driver. Make sure yours is updated before you start (complete instructions are available in our movie making forum). Also be aware that the complexity of the style can make it difficult for your computer to render a preview. Even if the preview is choppy, the final video will look great once it’s saved.


The Lifebook muvee style is a great way to tell your story and easily accommodates captions. We love this style for wedding video slideshows, vacation videos and even back to school muvees. Three backgrounds are available, which will change the overall look of your book. To change the background you’re using click on the “Style Settings” link and select one of the background choices at the top of the screen.


Short video segments are key to blending photos and videos together when using this style. One way to cut down longer videos into short clips is to utilize the “Split into Clips” feature.

Ultra Plain

If you want your photos and videos to be the star of the show, choose the Ultra Plain style. This muvee style might be basic, but with great photos and videos, the resulting video will be anything but boring. We recommend pairing this style with great music to really bring out the life in your video.

Uncle Oscar

The Uncle Oscar style combines the drama of old fashioned movies with your beautiful pictures and video clips. Sepia and black and white photos look best with this classic style, but don’t worry; you don’t have to use a photo editor to get your photos ready. Select the “Style Settings” link and adjust the “Color Saturation” and “Strength of the Color Effect” categories to achieve the desired results right in our easy video editing software.

Which of these great styles is your favorite? As you try different styles and experiment with the available settings you’ll find an array of new ways to share your story.

Check out the many styles available for our movie making software.

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