Spring is finally here, Mother’s Day is just around the corner (more on how we can help with that in a future post), and we’d just like to show you why we think muvee is the best video editing program around!

You take a lot of pictures, and we want to make sure you have the best chance possible to show as many friends and family these digital assets. Here’s how:

1.  muvee videos are never boring
We’d like to challenge you: when you share videos and photos with friends online, are they actually all that great? Sure, your friends and family will take a look, and may even print out a photo or two to tape to the fridge, but let’s face it – most of the videos and photos we take are viewed maybe once or twice by our friends, and that’s it.

muvee makes awesome videos, and it’s way easier to use than more expensive software programs out there

2. muvee is easy to use
Many video editing programs are designed for “power users” who are used to deciphering complicated software programs that are designed by an engineering team. These are great programs, but where muvee really shines is that it makes everything “push button”: fire up muvee, drag some photos and videos in from a file on your desktop, choose a Style, and wait for muvee to do the rest.

As an added bonus, muvee makes it super simple to share on YouTube and Facebook

3. muvee Styles make it easy to personalize your slideshows
There is no possible way we can explain every single muvee Stylepacks – there’s a Styles for every type of use, from simple, elegant styles to jazzed up styles perfect for displaying your action-packed material. Explore further on your own to find out how well the product works and what the styles will do for you.

Finally – we would point out the power behind magicSpot and magicMoments, as well as intertitles and captions that allow you to tweak the “automated” output to suit your needs.

That’s why we think muvee is the best video editing software around. Here’s a YouTube clip that explains the basics:

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