How to use magicMoments to Highlight Favorite Clips

That hilarious slip on an icy sidewalk, blowing out the candles on a birthday cake, the gummy smile of a new baby, these magic moments are what making videos is all about. We make it easy to capture those golden moments in each and every video slideshow using the magicMoments feature in muvee Reveal. For those times when you want to be certain your special moment makes the cut, use magicMoments; we’ll show you how below.

Using magicMoments is as easy as giving a “thumbs up”. Simply choose (and click on) a video clip. Choose magicMoments from the drop-down menu. Play your clip and choose your favorite (and least favorite) bits as you go. Click on the green thumbs up to highlight those special moments; choose the red thumbs down for moments you don’t want to appear. Leave some moments neutral and we’ll automatically choose the best bits to include in your creation.

Make sure the best moments always make it into the final version of your video slideshow. Cringe-worthy, tear jerking or downright hilarious, magicMoments makes sure those special moments get the attention they deserve.

Want to see magicMoments in action? Enjoy this under a minute video on using magicMoments.

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