how to use magicSpot for picture perfect panning

Let the world see your beautiful face (…or anything else you want to focus on) with magicSpot. This easy to use feature in muvee Reveal allows you to choose the areas on your photos that are highlighted in your video slideshows. It’s like preferential treatment for your favorite parts of each photo. Who says you can’t play favorites?

To use magicSpot, select a photo from your slideshow and click on it. Choose magicSpot from the drop down menu. The easiest way to enjoy this feature is to drag and drop the lighted spot across your photo to the most important spot for a gentle zooming effect. If you want more control select “Manual” and take charge of the panning and zooming motions.

With muvee Reveal you’re in control. Use magicSpot so you can choose the most important parts of your photos to ensure they get the extra attention they deserve.  For step by step instructions and more tips check out this short video.

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