Style by Style - a guide to muvee Styles

This month we are profiling a very special user who creates his own styles and even shares them with other users to download and use! We thought this would be a great time to show you how easy it is to tweak our styles using the style settings feature.

If you are not familiar with muvee Styles here is a little background: muvee Styles help tell your story by setting a theme for your muvees. Each style comes with transitions and effects built in and is part of what creates muvees automatically. All you have to do is choose the style you think goes best with your photos and video. We’ve got all events covered from high energy sports themes to Christmas and wedding themes to slow-moving tribute themes.

To give you more control over these styles we have added Style settings that let you change things including background color, the pace of transitions, even objects within the style.

Next time you make a muvee, be sure to check out the Style Settings and adjust them to make your muvee just right!

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