why is there no sound in my video? (muvee tips)

Why doesn’t my video have sound? If you’re having trouble with the audio on your recent muvee creation, don’t despair. These video editing software troubleshooting tips will help you find and fix the problem. A great muvee (with sound) is closer than you think.

Different muvee software configurations have different solutions to this problem. Select the software you’re using and follow the simple steps below.

muvee Reveal

Checking your settings will probably fix the problem. From the main screen choose “Personalize”. Select the “Settings” tab and move the slider in Audio Mix for video soundtrack to the right. Try playing your muvee again; you should now have sound.

muvee autoProducer5

If you don’t have sound in your muvee and you’re using autoProducer5, you can probably resolve the issue by changing the sound mix level. From the main screen click on “Change Setting”. Once the muvee Setting screen pops up, select “Audio”. Adjust the “sound mix level” slider bar as needed. Sliding the bar to the left will cause your muvee to have music (soundtrack) only while sliding it to the right will result in original video noise only (no music). If you want both, slide the bar to the middle.

muvee autoProducer6

In autoProducer6 simply click on “adjust audio mix levels” and move the slider bar for video soundtrack all the way to right.

If the solution listed for your particular type of software doesn’t fix the problem, your video might be embedded with Dolby_AC3. This format is not currently supported by autoProducer (it is supported by Reveal). Try converting the file to another format. A Google search can explain how to do this.

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