3 simple photo tips for beginners

1. Be aware of the sun

When shooting outdoors on a sunny day, sunlight has the power to make or break a photo. Shoot into the sun and your subject’s face may be left in shadow. For beginning photographers, it’s a good idea to make sure your subject is facing into the sun so you can capture lots of detail.

Shooting into the sun can obscure a lot of detail:

An evening sun can bring out warm and unexpected detail:

Shooting perpendicular to the sun can also bring out interesting details:

2. Compose in thirds

Picture your camera display as being divided into three vertical sections and 3 horizontal sections. When you take a picture try to have your main subject positioned at the intersection of the lines. That’s it! This simple rule has been used for decades by professionals as a way of adding interest and energy to their shots.

3. Use simple backgrounds

It seems like a no-brainer, but this tip can be easy to forget when you’re quickly trying to snap a shot. Using simple backgrounds without much detail allow you to bring more attention and focus to the subject of your photo:

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