More tips for taking better sports photos

We’re in the middle of fall, which means it’s soccer, football, and, for a lucky few, hockey season – there’s plenty of sports, so here are more tips for taking better sports photos.

The perfect, game winning goal or the time you slid into home are perfect sports moments that deserve to be captured on film, but unfortunately action shots are notoriously difficult. Many people give up on trying to photograph these sports memories because the pictures are just too blurry or miss the action entirely.

Action shots aren’t easy, but they aren’t impossible either, especially if you know what you’re doing. Here are some tips for capturing the action at your next sporting event and using a video maker to share your great shots with the world.

Pull Out Your Longest Lenses

Depending on what you are watching (and how good your seats are), you may need to use your longest lenses to get a good shot. A long lens can make it seem like you are right in the action, even if you are still in stands or standing quite a bit back.

Longer lenses will give you more opportunities to capture the action and more great shots to plug in to your video maker.

Adjust Your Shutter Speed

The shutter speed you choose will have a big impact on the overall look and feel of your pictures. When shooting sports action both slow and fast shutter speeds can be appropriate; it just depends on the look you want. A fast shutter speed will allow you to instantly capture a moment creating a single frame in time effect, like pausing the action. These shots are dramatic and make the viewer feel as if they are there.

On the other hand a slow shutter speed can create a cool blurry background effect while highlighting the player. The subject of your photo will be crisp and clear while the background will fade away in a sea of movement.

If you don’t have a long lens yet, consider investing in one. You will find many different uses for it from taking sports pictures to snapping shots for a wedding video montage.

Experiment with Different Techniques

There isn’t one right way to capture the action of a great sporting event. Using different techniques will help you to explore the creative possibilities; you never know what might turn out. Try using different angles, different shutter speeds and different lenses. Try different techniques until you find and perfect your favorites and even then keep experimenting.

For more tips on taking great sports action shots, check out this video from Ski Utah Powder Lounge where sports photographer Adam Barker shares his secrets for taking ski and snowboard action shots.

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