5 tips for taking action photos perfect for a slideshow maker

Action photos can be some of the most frustrating shots to try and take. There are so many variables when it comes to getting them right and there is tons of room for error. In addition, these are often the shots you can about the most when you are using a slideshow maker.

When you get the hang of taking better action shots you will find you can use your video and photo editing software more effectively as well.

A few tips will get you on the right track for tackling these tricky photos.

1. Set the ISO as high as possible, you need a quick shutter speed

The transition from film to digital has been tricky for many. While there are a ton of options, you often wind up with pixilated or grainy photos poorly depicting the scene. Changing your ISO makes the pixels more sensitive to light. It works for lower light situations so you don’t need a flash and for action photos by helping to capture the image accurately.

You should check a few shots out of the gate to ensure you are getting the quality of image you desire before taking a whole series. Some cameras don’t have many options but the highest ISOs on others might be unnecessary. The added noise in action photos often adds to the effect.

2. Shoot off the peak of the action, focus ahead of where the person will be

You have to think ahead when you are planning an action shot. Get your focus on the area where the person is heading so you can press the button just a second early. This gets the shot exactly right. It takes a bit of practice to nail this down but once you do and you use your slideshow maker, you will be thrilled by the reaction of the viewers.

3. Make the frame very tight so it is clear to the camera what you want in focus

Tight framing on action shots often give them a sense of purpose. If you have too wide of a frame, the noise in the background is distracting. Your camera will know exactly what to focus on or you will if you are closing in on the image and making it tight. That being said, don’t zoom too far without a tripod.

4. Change your perspective

You should look to take unique action shots. Everyone takes shots from the sidelines or the stands. Is there a place you can go to shoot up at the subjects? Can you get a small portion of the crowd in the background? Do you get a more interesting shot shooting down? Explore these options to help you tell the story.

5. Get the atmosphere, it helps to tell the story

Atmosphere also helps tell the story when you are using a slideshow maker. While you might not want all the “extras” in the action shot, you can include some atmosphere shots in the slideshow. A flower empty before the bird comes, the field empty before the teams arrive, the stands as they fill, anything that showcases how time has elapsed to give you a truly great action series for your slideshow.

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